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57 Microcline and orthoclase can be difficult to tell apart, particularly when they occur together in granites and pegmatites. The best bet in such cases is locality specific information. 63 Microcline and orthoclase can be difficult to tell apart, particularly when they occur together in granites and pegmatites. The best bet in such cases is locality specific information. G. increases with replacement of Na by Ca and addition of Al, members to the albite end of the series most easily distinguished from other feldspars by fine, closely-spaced striations on the {001} cleavage plane, members towards the anorthite end of the series by their dark color and randomly oriented grains in massive materials.

G. usually tells them apart, though when of intermediate composition this may not do the trick. html (39 of 61)8/4/2006 19:28:55 SG clear rhombs show a doubled image of print viewed through them, , effervesces in cold, dilute acid – even in vinegar or Coke to a small degree. The many varied habits of calcite crystals make this one of the species that can be tough to identify by crystal form alone. Few people, if any, are familiar with all the forms it takes. 87 white streak; effervesces in cold acids, though not as vigorously as calcite.

Is higher. 1 white streak; fluoresces intense blue-white, more rarely yellowish white. nH2O Amorphous glassy massive material, as fracture fillings, coatings, "nodules," etc. G. Precious opal has an intense internal play of colors – flashes off minute fracture surfaces beneath the surface; in fire opal the flashes are predominantly reds, yellows and oranges against a black background. Common opal is "opalescent," but without the intense flashes of colors. 5 to 6 White to Grey, Yellowish, Brownish, Orange, Purple vitreous to subvitreous, may be dull MARIALITE-MEIONITE (Scapolite series) 3NaAlSi3O8.

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